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26 November 2022 - 16 April 2023

The exhibition offers contemporary ecclesiastical history in the mirror of moving portraits and biographies. The pictures of 29 clergymen, including their preliminary studies, are exhibited, who were portrayed by the artist Gotthard Bonell during his long career. Among them is the entire spectrum of clergymen from pope to cooperator. But intellectuals, journalists, artists and scientists are not missing either. These are personalities who have already died as well as those who are still alive, but all of whom have achieved something special in their lives. So the circle is wide, the scale is broad and the selection knows no fronts.

Josef Gelmi





10 December 2022 - 14 May 2023

The exhibition of Albert Mellauner's works at the Hofburg Bressanone aims to provide an overview of his 40-year oeuvre.

And for an artist who, like Albert Mellauner, is completely committed to colour and is able to mix it in all its moods, strengths and shades, from a restrained glow to intense darkness to cheerful gaiety, this exhibition is indeed like a glimpse into the soul, which is a vast land and which shines in the different colours as life paints them.

Michael Mitterhofer

President of the Hofburg Bressanone

nur Meer,nur Meer_edited.jpg




17 June 2023 - 5 November 2023

Anton Christian refuses a certain modern and contemporary distance or coolness. For Anton Christian, the artist takes on a mediating and translating function between the world and the viewers of his paintings. Perhaps he can be described as a kind of medium. For him, life, and indeed the whole of life with all its possible ups and downs, is still the content of his art. He tells of this life with all the means at his disposal. He is a compassionate chronicler of the small (individual) and the large world, which interpenetrate each other in an inseparable way, especially in the case of war and collective misfortune.

Andreas Hapkemeyer

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