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The Diocesan Archives hold three archives:


  1. The Court Archives
    The Court Archives hold the records of the secular principality until 1803. Until the 17th century, a strict separation between the spiritual and secular competences of the bishops cannot be made, which is why spiritual matters are also to be found here, especially for the early period.

  2. The consistorial/ordinariate archive
    The consistorial/ordinariate archives contain the records of the bishops as holders of ecclesiastical jurisdiction and their authorities.

  3. The archive of the cathedral chapter

In addition, there is an extensive collection of files on the former German part of the diocese of Trento (ca. 1818-1964), some estates and pieces of the archives of the "Johanneum" in Dorf Tirol.

For more information:

Erika Kustatscher, Das Diözesanarchiv Brixen, in: Philipp Tolloi (ed.), Archive in Südtirol. Geschichte und Perspektiven. Archivi in Provincia di Bolzano. Storia e prospettive (Veröffentlichungen des Südtiroler Landesarchivs. Pubblicazioni dell‘ Archvio Provinciale di Bolzano 45), Innsbruck 2018, 293–316.



Overview of the holdings (the abbreviations are recommended for correct citation)


The Court Archives (H.A.)

  • Series of documents (Urk.), period: 888-1849, about 1700 units, to be cited by date and (optional), if available, with the O. A. number

  • Documents of the so-called Mensalarchiv (MA), period: 1312-1786, 1730 units

  • Court records (HA), period: ca. 1250-1900, two series, the first HA (ca. 28,000 units), the second HA II (currently 4150 units, still being expanded). Cite the respective serial number and, if several documents are contained in a bundle, the date of the document.

  • Files of the so-called Mensalarchiv (MA), period: ca. 1450-1938, ca. 1780 units

  • Court council records (HRP), period: 1515-1802, 147 volumes

  • Registry of the Court council (HR), period: 1444-1802, 89 volumes. Separately, some volumes of "Stiftsregistratur" and "Haus- und Hofprotokolle" from the 18th century.

  • Decrees (Dekr.), period: 1582-1801, 52 volumes


The Consistorial/Ordinariate Archives (K.A./OA)

  • Parchments (Urk.), period: 1145-1986, about 1530 units, to be cited by date.

  • Records of the Consistory (KP), period: 1630-1829, 155 volumes

  • Concept books (KB), period: 1631-1830, 120 volumes

  • Foundations, period: 1611-1924, 121 volumes

  • Files (KA I), Series I (by parish), Period: late Middle Ages to early 19th century, approx. 1580 units

  • Files (KA II), Series II (by year, on the second level by subject with original fasciculation), period: 1831-1975, approx. 6830 units

  • Files (KA III), Series III (mixed holdings), period: approx. 1200-1968, approx. 4100 units

  • Visitation protocols (VP), period: 1570-1806, approx. 60 units

  • Manuscripts (Hs.), contains, among other things, ordination records, marriage dispensation, investitures, period: 1323-1969, approx. 175 units

  • Personnel files (PA), very incomplete, period: 1856-1985, approx. 375 units

  • Church invoices from the entire old Diocese of Bressanone, ca. 1860-1935, 1148 units

  • Josef Gargitter Fund

  • Partial estate of Hans Schoefl, May 1945-December 1946, 3 units


Archives of the Cathedral Chapter (DKA)

  • Series of documents (Urk.), period: 1194-1954, approx. 5400 units

  • Files, period: ca. 1170-2002, ca. 4440 units

  • Protocols (DKP), period: 1481-1903 (with gaps in the 19th century), 55 units

  • Urbarium (Urb.), period: ca. 1350-1806, 90 units

  • Manuscripts, period: ca. 1330-1900, 520 units

  • Documents of the Heiligkreuzspital (HKS), period: 1170-1845, 790 units

  • Records of the Heiligkreuzspital (HKS), period: 1420-1980, approx. 250 units

  • Urbaria of the Heiligkreuzspital or Seminary (HKS), period: 1419-1818, 168 units

  • An extensive music archive, for consultation of which reference should be made to the Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM), which can be used online free of charge.


The Diocesan Archives in the Hofburg in Bressanone are owned by the Diocese of Bolzano-Bressanone; according to its civil law nature, it is a private archive. It combines three holdings: the Court Archives, the Consistorial/Ordinariate Archives and the Archives of the Cathedral Chapter.


Users of the Diocesan Archives are requested to announce their visit at least one week in advance via e-mail ( and to indicate their research interest.

Opening hours

Monday-Wednesday, 08:15-16:45​


Diocesan Archives Bressanone

Hofburgplatz 2

I-39042 Bressanone

+39 0472 801166


A user fee is charged for the use of the Diocesan Archives.

Weekly ticket

€ 10,-

(entitles the holder to use the archive on any 3 days within one year)


Monthly ticket

€ 25,- 

(entitles the holder to use the archive on any 14 days within one year)


Annual ticket

€ 50,-

(entitles the holder to use the archive on all days)

For photographs that are published, € 40.00 per original must be paid, after having obtained a publication permit.

Use of the Dicesan Archives
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