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6 June 2015 - 27 September 2015


The exhibition shows around eighty Baroque drawings from the Hofburg Bressanone collection and includes works by great Baroque artists such as Paul Troger, Matthäus Günther, Melchior Steidl and Josef Schöpf. The majority of the drawings are on public display for the first time. A catalogue of all the Baroque drawings in the Hofburg will be published to accompany the exhibition.



5 May 2015 - 31 October 2015


The exhibition in the medieval cellar vault shows works by the artist Toni Kirchmayr (1887-1965) from the collections of the Diocesan Museum.

Toni Kirchmayr, born in Schwaz, lived and worked in Innsbruck. He took part in the First World War as a one-year voluntary "Unterjäger" In 1917/18, still during the war, he created a monumental triptych (2 x 5 m) for the planned but unrealised imperial chapel in Lavarone. The impressive work was in much-acclaimed exhibitions in Salzburg and Vienna in 1920 and was subsequently donated to the Diocesan Museum by the artist himself.


After the war Kirchmayr painted a number of war memorials, including one for the church of St. Leonhard near Brixen. The signed and 1920-dated preliminary drawing (210 x 255 mm) faithfully reproduces both the locality and certain persons of St. Leonhard. 

In addition, two field altars with all the utensils required for celebrating mass in the field are on display in the exhibition.

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