The Diocesan Museum

Medieval, Renaissance and Contemporary Art

The collections of the Diocesan Museum preserve precious examples of sculptures and paintings from the medieval, baroque, classical and romantic periods.  Valuable pieces of goldsmith’s art, stained-glass windows and pieces of furniture, are all on display throughout the museum tour.  The most emblematic works however are the Madonnas and the Crucifixes of the late romantic period, the wood sculptures by Maestro Leonhard from Brixen and Hans Klocker, as well as the relief altar doors by Jörg Lederer and altar panels by Bartlmä Dill Riemenschneider.  The most distinctive pieces from the Baroque period are the altar statues by Adam Baldauf, and the oil paintings by Stefan Kessler, Ulrich Glantschnigg, Franz Sebald Unterberger and Paul Troger.

Since 2004 the Museum has been housing the extensive Siegfried Unterberger collection of Tyrolean art from the nineteenth century. Among these are works by Franz von Defregger, Albin Egger-Lienz, Franz Richard Unterberger and Alexander Koester.

Mittelalterliche Kunst, Präsentation in der Hofburg
Medieval Art

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