The Treasures of the Cathedral

Oral tradition dictates that the treasures of the Cathedral of Brixen are included in the assets preserved in the vestry.  There are masterpieces of textile art, whose importance extends beyond the confines of local history. The same can be said for the millennial casula by Albuino (Byzantine purple silk with an eagle motif), or the ornamentations by Hartmann, which were revered as relics in their time, and are still considered as such today.  Most of the gothic and early baroque goldsmith’s art preserved here were not made in Brixen, but were imported from the era’s larger goldsmith production centres such as Limoges, Venice, Costanza andAugusta.  The oldest piece is a small goblet from the tomb of the bishop Altwin, from the late XI century.  The treasures of the Cathedral are a beautiful reminder of the bishop city’s illustrious past on the banks of the Isarco River.

The Albuin Chasuble, Byzantine purple silk, around 1000